Help needed to recover after complete site failure

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Dear All,


We were having a 2 node DAG setup and lost complete site. Now we recovered AD and trying to get back exchange. We installed same OS 2019 and joined AD with same domain name. Now while tring to recover Exchange 2019 with /recoverserver switch, it gives error that server is part of DAG and setup fails. All article we are able to find is only to recover DAG member. Can someone help on how to do complete recovery. What needed to be done?


Any help will be really appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

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Do you have a backup of the mailbox databases and log files? You can try using a recovery database to to restore the data:



Hi Dan,


Yes we have backup but we want to rebuild the exchange. Please suggest accordingly. Some blogs i found are suggesting to remove the server from DAG and then remove copy to install again and rejoin DAG but in our case we have lost both memebers. So do we have to remove both and rebuild or it will not allow?


Thanks for the help.

In the past when I've had to restore from a complete failure, I've built new servers and restored via recovery DB's, so I'm not really sure of the process in your scenario.