Help my customer - emailed thru exchange results in dat. attached blank message, etc.

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Experts, please give me helpful info regarding below symptom. The customer can't ask tech support because of their company reason. (let me skip its details here)


Customer uses O365 without on-premises. Sending email to out of org mostly results in 3 patterns depends on cases -

#1. sent email missed text and winmail.dat is attached

#2. all attachements are converted to .dat

#3. only attachements are missed


Referred several KB and blog related with this symptom, but they're not clear in how to completely solve it. Using plain text format can't be a solution.

Now they're starting O365 switched from Google. This issue badly impact their business.


Appreciate any advaice from you all. Thanks & Regards.

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They should apply the steps from scenario 2 in this article


If they don't want to apply those changes per remote domain, they can do it for every remote domain by running:

Set-RemoteDomain -Identity Default -TNEFEnabled $false


Thanks so much Victor. I'll talk with my customer if they can work on that. Their situation is complicated as they're a global company, so I'm afraid they can't run cmd by their decision. Anyway, I'll suggest scenario #2. Will keep this topic still for a while.