Google Workspace to Exchange Online Mailbox Migration Recent Issue

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Early last year we started a staged migration of mailboxes from the Google Workspace to Exchange Online as part of a company acquisition. We are using these instructions:


This has worked since then but as of two weeks ago it stopped working. It started giving us the following message:


"Error: OAuthBadResponseInvalidGrantException: The call to returned with status code BadRequest: Bad Request Error response: invalid_grant Error description: Invalid email or User ID"


We have gone through the steps of recreating the Google project / service account and the 365 migration endpoint several times but we always come back to the same error.


I have logged with MS but after some troubleshooting they suggested we log a case with Google. Unfortunately, this new company does not have a support contract for Google so I'm a bit stuck.

Any one have any ideas as to what might be the problem?





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