Get the mailbox data size after a specific date.

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Hello All,


I need to split a large on-prem mailbox data on 2 before migrating to EXO. That Mailbox has to have 100GB in the Primary and 100GB in the Archive one.

Could you advise how can I get the mailbox data size after a specific date?




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For on-premises Exchange you can use the New-MailboxExportRequest cmdlet with the ContentFilter parameter:
There are some limitations, but should work for your scenario. If you are only looking for the size/count of messages after specific date, run a Search-Mailbox query with -EstimateResultsOnly.

For Exchange Online, you will have to run an eDiscovery export, or manually export via Outlook. Then delete the exported content.

Thank you very much, @Vasil Michev ,


The following command gave us the information we were looking for:

New-MailboxExportRequest email address removed for privacy reasons -ContentFilter "(Received -gt '01/01/2020')" -FilePath "\\FilePath\MB.pst