Get the all info for "Additional Information" attributes for all meeting rooms - PowerShell

Hi Tech Folks,
I am trying to get the info audio, video, display, tags, etc. which is located under each meeting room or basically a resource which the type is Room.

 Exchange Admin Center --> Resources --> Select Any Meeting Room (TYPE:ROOM) --> Additional Information



I used this command which is working fine and reveals everything about the room and its properties , but NOT those above info I m looking for:

Get-Mailbox -Filter '(RecipientTypeDetails -eq "RoomMailBox")' | Select * | Format-list 

How can I get those Additional Attributes by that PS command?

Any thoughts?

Thanks for your inputs
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@Ali Fadavinia 

I never tried it myself but I would start my experiments around those cmdlets:


[PS] C:\>Set-ResourceConfig -ResourcePropertySchema "Room/Whiteboard"
[PS] C:\>Get-ResourceConfig
Name                      ResourcePropertySchema
----                      ----------------------
Resource Schema           {Room/Whiteboard}


[PS] C:\>Set-ResourceConfig -ResourcePropertySchema @{Add="Room/VideoConferencing"}
[PS] C:\>Get-ResourceConfig
Name                      ResourcePropertySchema
----                      ----------------------
Resource Schema           {Room/VideoConferencing, Room/Whiteboard}


[PS] C:\>Set-Mailbox "Brisbane Lvl 1 Conference Room" -ResourceCustom @{Add="VideoConferencing"}


So in order to GET info you have to somehow reverse the process.
Sorry for not being able to give you a concrete solution. Hope it helps nevertheless.


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@Ali Fadavinia 

I finally ended up figuring it out by combining get-mailbox & get-place together. It works great for such a bulk operation, saved me a lot of time!


$rooms= get-mailbox -RecipientTypeDetails roommailbox


Foreach($mailbox in $rooms)



Get-place -identity $roomname | select * | export-csv C:\roomdetails.csv -append