Get-messagetrace cmdlet gives contrasting Data

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I have run get-messagetrace cmdlet for particular day and recipient. I got the following result.


When I ran the same search in Admin Center, It gave the below result. Why does sender address differs for same log?




After some time, I have run another query with another date in power shell two times with few seconds interval. It gave two different results as below, Here also sender address changed for same log


Shall I missing something. I really confused what happening. Please help me.

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Can you clarify? It looks like the is filtering out different days?

Hi @HidMov ,

            Thanks for your response. Sorry I have highlighted wrong data in Admin center. Please find the correct one which is attached here and updated in post too. 


Thanks @Sabari_Kumar that makes your problem much clearer.


Let me look into this and see if I can replicate it - it's certainly an interesting issue!

ok :) HidMov

Hi @HidMov ,

              Do you find something regard this issue? Please update me. 


@Sabari_Kumar not had a chance yet; will try and test over the weekend if the opportunity arises.

Hi @Sabari_Kumar 


Just had a look at this but can't replicate the issue - in my tenant when the sender is rendered as <> it shows no matter where I do the message trace or when I check.