gatway for internal mail

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i have a military customer , he asked me for an internal messaging system

so my question is ; can i use a gatway to scan and protect internal mail ? or this system is use only with external communication ? 

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I am not sure you are looking for external solution here. you can use Scan mail type of solution to monitor your internal mails as well.

@rao_kru  my question is : if i use only internal exchange organisation communication , does the mail flow pass over the mail gatway ( ex fortimail) , or shall i use a scanmail solution that's installed localy on mailbox server ??

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Internal emails flow internally in Exchange. To monitor or scan that mail flow you need to use ScanMail type solution which run on your exchange server.

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@rao_kru thank you for your response 

plz let me ask you another question : 

does a client on another subnetwork than exchange network but on same global network (no internet) is seen as external or internal client ?

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Internal client if sharing the same domain for example