fun fact: Remove-CalendarEvents will remove previous instances of recurring meetings

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This is just for those who are as super excited as we were over hearing what the Remove-CalendarEvents cmdlet would do. We have plenty of people who create recurring meetings without end which of course causes problems with calendar bookings after that person has left the company so we were excited to hear we could remove all future meetings via powershell; we were thinking of adding this to our account termination script.

Technet article gives great information on it. At the very end of the article ( in the parameters area ) it does show the following note:

If an instance of a recurring meeting occurs during the specified time period, the entire series is cancelled (not just the instances during the time period). 


This means that this commandlet will remove historical data out of calendars. We did submit a DCR to see if it could prevent removing historical data but it was officially denied today. The answer was that there is no way to delete particular instances from recurring meetings.


We are now officially sad pandas. (this is just an FYI post, btw)

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Thanks for the heads-up. We extensively use recurring meetings with no end date to book Resources.

Thanks for info. Seems counter-intuitive that specifying a date range means nothing in that scenario.