From a user perspective: Exchange Organization Sharing and calendar sharing

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I want to share my calendar with a contact in another Office 365 tenant. I want to see his availability when scheduling meetings and I want to view his calendar in Outlook.


To enable availability we created a Organization Sharing on both end:


When I schedule a meeting I can see his availability in the schedule view and my contact is able to do that as well on his end.


Now, when I try to open his calendar (Add Shared Calendar, then typing his emailadres) in Outlook, I get a "You do not have permission to view this calendar". Inside an organization I would see the calendar but availability only.


Do I understand this correct that to open the shared calendar from my contact, he has to add me to the Sharing Permissions of his calendar? And likewise, for him to see my calendar, I add him to my Sharing Permission?


This seems to work on Outlook for Windows. I tried it on Outlook for Mac and the emailadres was not found and there was no button to explicitly add it.... Is it not supported on the Mac?



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Hi Michiel,

There is a slightly different article for Outlook for MAC

It doesn't specifically mention whether its for internal or external users, or both. Have you tested this? Outlook for MAC has always been different from the rest of the Outlook family in terms of features and functionality. I would interested to see if the above article works. 

Best, Chris