Friday Feature: Bruno Lopes

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Bruno LopesBruno Lopes

Bruno Lopes       


Job Title: Microsoft Technical Trainer

Company: Wipro

MVP Profile


Twitter: @brunokktro


  1. Tell us a little about who you work for and your role in the organization.

Currently working with Microsoft Technologies, managing servers and environments of medium and large companies. Background on Messaging, Unified Communication, Directory Services, platforms and focusing on Exchange Server, Skype for Business and Office 365. Training Microsoft Frontline Support Engineers in Exchange Server and Office 365, Skype for Business, SharePoint Server, and Office.


  1. How and when did you decide to create a career path around Microsoft products?

On my first week of college, I decided to start my Microsoft career, starting with MS certifications and self-study. Microsoft always was the most important IT company of the world, making this work motivating and challenging.


  1. What’s your favorite part about troubleshooting? How do you help others problem solve IT issues?

My favorite part of troubleshooting is discovering more info about the situation and making the correlation with the logs. When this occurs, we keep working towards the final solution. Other problems can be fixed with the same method; analyzing, gathering, examining, and fixing.


  1. What resources do you use when you’re ‘stuck’ with a client question?

When customers ask questions and I don’t immediately have answers, I explain the overview architecture and try to get a better understanding of the scenario. If we cannot discover this answer together, I explain that I will find this answer and come back to align.


  1. Who are some key IT individuals you follow (either blog or social)?

Tony Redmond, Paul Cunningham, Greg Shields, and Rhoderick Milne





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A pleasure to be listed among the great MVPs of the world! :)