Forward again a message blocked by Microsoft recent changes on automatic forward

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Hello everybody!


I've a mailbox with an automatic forward configured on a SalesForce external address. In last days Microsoft changed the policy related to automatic forward to external addresses, so some e-mails have not been forwarded to this external mailbox.


These e-mails should be recovered and forwarded again to the SalesForce address because they contains important comunication to be tracket. With automatic forward, if I'm not wrong, the sender read by SalesForce mailbox should be the original sender.


I've to re-send this e-mails (about 1,000) and I don't know if I can do that from the Exchange admin portal (maybe these blocked messages are tracked somewhere and I can release them) or if it is possibile to do via PowerShell script.

In every case, the important thing is that I have to keep the original sender.


Which options do I have to re-send these messages?

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