Focused Inbox still missing in Outlook 2016? Am I missing anything?

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  • Our organization uses Version 1708 (Build 8432.2110 Click-to-Run)
  • We are on Semi-annual Channel (Targeted)
  • Modern Authentication was turned on for our Tenant on Saturday
  • Set-OrganizationConfig -FocusedInboxOn $true was run last week and is confirmed to be True
  • Get-FocusedInbox confirms that it is also on specifically for my account.
  • Focus Inbox runs fine on OWA and Mobile Outlook

Am I missing any additional steps to enable it for our Outlook application?

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Hi Brent, apparently this is expected if I understand this correctly:


"It will come to Targeted in March of 2018, then Semi-Annual the next release after that. Those builds provide customer a slower update path from Monthly, which is why you haven't received the update yet."


"Messing with FI won't effect the feature in Outlook 2016 until you are on Monthly channel or the feature comes to Semi-Annual. It will enable/disable the feature in the web, in Outlook for Mac, etc."


I got that from here, this was when someone asked what effect enabling FI in PowerShell would have.

Thanks for the info, will check it out.  My understanding was that is true IF you dont have Modern Authentication enabled.

If you have Modern Auth, I believe it should be working in our current version. The March 2018 version (1711+) would enable it and not have the Modern Auth requirement.

Maybe I am misinterpreting that, but will continue to dig