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Normally, at the bottom of any docs page, there's a way to open an issue. Example: Get-Content (Microsoft.PowerShell.Management) - PowerShell | Microsoft Learn


This article doesn't have that. How would I open an issue with the team who manages this?

Manage recipients in Exchange Server 2019 Hybrid environments | Microsoft Learn

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Hi @tylermontney_acc,


To offer feedback on a specific Microsoft Docs article, you typically locate the "Give documentation feedback" option at the bottom of the page. If this option isn't available, alternative channels are accessible for providing feedback:

1. Feedback Hub: For Windows users, the Feedback Hub application allows feedback submission with the option to include screenshots and diagnostic logs as you replicate the issue.
2. Microsoft 365 Apps: In any Microsoft 365 application, navigate to Help > Feedback or File > Feedback². Microsoft reviews customer feedback daily.
3. Microsoft Learn Platform: Directly provide feedback on the Microsoft Learn platform.

Ensure your comments focus on a single topic, describe the steps leading to the issue, and refrain from including personal information. Once submitted, you can check the Feedback portal for the status of your feedback.


Useful links:
(2) Learn about how to provide feedback to Microsoft.
(3) How do I give feedback on Microsoft 365? - Microsoft Support.
(4) Give feedback as a business - Windows Insider Program | Microsoft Learn.


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