Failing HDD Move Databases to a new volume

Matt Karel

We have a Hard Drive that is starting to show Smart Errors and would like to move the databases off that drive to replace it. I am wondering what the best method / practice is to go about vacating that disk is. I am leaning towards removing the databbase coppies that are on that volume and reseading to the new disk or to one of the spare volumes that is in the chasie. 


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Hi, What Exchange edition is running in your organization? Is DAG configured ?


I hope the following will help you;



Please let me know if issue is resolved...





a fast and simple approach: move your active databases on the failure hard drive to a new/other one or set the mailbox databases active on another node.

Be sure that you have a copy of every mailbox database on another hard drive / node. Remove the database copies, replace the disk, re-configure the mailbox database copies again on the new disk.

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