EXUMO migration to Cloud voicemail

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Hi Community, 


I've a customer who are curerrently having the below:


Lync 2013 + Exchange 2016 and UM services are currently hosted in Exchange 2016.


They know that EXUMO services will be deprecated by Febraury 2020.  After Feb 2020, if they want to migrate the UM mailboxes from Exchange 2016 to Cloud Voicemail, how can we do that? Any docs, whitepapers available?


Any pointers would be of great help. 


Many thanks. 

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@Newlife If they are going to remain with Exchange 2016 on prem cloud voicemail will not apply to them.  See https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/skypeforbusiness/hybrid/plan-cloud-voicemail 

@Adam Solomon Thanks for the prompt response. 

Sorry, the question may not be clear. 


The thing is they're planning to go for Cloud voice mail from typical on-prem UM services in Ex 2016. They knew that they'll not be affected by this deprecation.


But, they have a future plan of migrating this to cloud voice mail by March 2020.  


Is there any best practice to achieve this?


Many thanks again!!