External Contacts to show in Custom Address List - Exchange Online / Office 365

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Hi all,


I am trying to get external contacts to show up in an added address list.


I have managed to add the address list however I can't get the contacts to show in there. When I use the following it creates the address list and after updating a user mail box it works fine. Just tried to see if an actual user mail box worked


New-AddressList -Name "Address List name" -RecipientFilter {((RecipientType -eq 'UserMailbox') -and (Office -eq 'Name'))}


I also tried this without luck


New-AddressList -Name "Address List name" -RecipientFilter {((RecipientType -eq 'MailContact') -and (Office -eq 'Name'))}


Am I on the right track? Which RecipientType should I be using as I don't think "MailContact" is correct?




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You can simply take a look at the "All Contacts" list that should be created by default, and use its recipient filter as a template:


All Contacts              ((Alias -ne $null) -and (((ObjectCategory -like 'person') -and (ObjectClass -eq 'contact'))))

Thanks for your reply.


I ended up creating a custom Dynamic Distribution Group which seems to work. More testing required however looks great so far.