External accounts - Mail enabling a contact with an internal and external SMTP address

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Hello Community - Thanks for your time and input on this request


Current Environment - Exchange Online only, not hybrid

Issue - Need to create an Exchange Contact (or similar) for an external user to appear in our GAL with an internal address that forwards to their external smtp address.  Ideally, I envision creating a Contact account with their external SMTP, then assign an internal secondary smtp address.

Goal - Create an account in Exchange that allows me to provide an external user with an internal email address - without having to assign any licensing. When creating a Contact, I cannot find a way to assign a secondary smtp address to the account. 


In a prior life as an Exchange Admin (on-prem) I could create a mail contact with an internal address  as primary.  Then assign a secondary smtp for their external email address .  This allowed anyone to email the internal SMTP address, and since there was no exchange mailbox, it would automatically deliver the email to the external smtp address.


Is this possible in Exchange Online?  I can think of ways to make this work with a DL or Shared Mailbox forwarding to a contact but would much rather not create two Exchange accounts/objects to achieve this.

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If I'm understanding your ask correctly, it's as easy as:

Set-MailContact temp -EmailAddresses @{add="email address removed for privacy reasons"}

rinse and repeat for any additional addresses, and you don't have to worry about which one is primary. It's the ExternalEmailAddress value that controls where the messages addressed to said contact will end up being forwarded to.