Extending Active Directory schema without purchasing exchange 2019

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Setting up for hybrid office 365 environment, from green field site.


We are looking to extend the AD Schema etc, on a Windows 2019 Server (running on a virtual server), but not looking to run on Prem exchange server.


Is there anywhere to either get an evaluation copy of Exchange 2019 or just the set-up routines? or a very detailed step by step guide of what we would need to do manually.



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The 2019 binaries are hard to get to, but you don't really need them - any version would do. 

Thanks, do you know  where I can get 2016 binaries then. @VasilMichev 

Thanks, I had been following links that had ended up at 404-page not found before I posted this, I had found this page but then forgotten to come back and remove the post. @VasilMichev