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I have come across an issue with Exporting/Importing a PST, can successfully export a PST and import it to another mailbox on another tenant


It's where the mail appears in the mailbox I have an issue with


the 'old' mailbox appears in a folder (named as the old email address) with all the mail items in here. We are planning to migrate the email domain over too, but as this was just a test, we haven't don't anything with the email domain yet.


is there any way of stopping this?


thanks in advance for any advice

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That's the expected behavior, the "root" folder will be named after the user. Most import methods/tools offer you a way to specify a different "root" or a subset of the folders. That said, PST export/import should be your last choice for migration, use the native tools or third-party apps, as they offer much better experience overall.

thanks for replay, i am aware of tools that can do this, was investigating this method as it was small number <50 mailboxes, maybe about 2GB-3GB max per mailbox. which i could do in an afternoon