Export PST from Restore Database

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Hi there,

I have a critical export question regarding Exchange Server 2016. A customer of us has been affected by ransomware crypto attack. Unfortunately there was no backup and we started nearly from scratch. Exchange hybrid has been created with one half of the users On-Premises and the other half in EXO with empty mailboxes.

Afterwards some not encrypted databases have been found. We already set these to clean shutdown state and defined a first recover process.

For sure we can restore the mailboxes to the OnPrem users directly. But what about the users which are now in EXO? Actually it is clear that we have to prepare PST which we can upload via AzCopy.

But here is the pain point. It seems that there is no possibility to start a New-MailboxExportRequest with a source mailbox located on a restore DB.

Please tell me there is a different way than restoring to a temp mailbox, then exporting to PST and lastly uploading to Azure and finally import the PSTs to the EXO mailboxes.

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