Export-MailboxDiagnosticLogs : Archive Switch not available?

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Forgive me if I'm being daft! - but the documentation here, states the Archive switch is available for the cmdlet Export-MailboxDiagnosticLogs link while in EXO.


However, when trying this (both using the new Connect-ExchangeOnline and older Connect-EXOPSSession) the parameter is not found. - can anyone please quickly check the behavior in their tenant. - I've ensured its not isolated to just my device, or profile.




Thanks in advance!



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Same behavior here, although I can see the parameter defined in the management role entry. Let me ping few folks.

@VasilMichev Thanks dude, let me know the outcome please! - want to build a little report to keep track of what the MRM is up to, for when we get the inevitable "Where have all my emails gone" calls :facepalm:

@VasilMichev Hi dude, happy new year! - did anyone get back to you? I'll raise a premier ticket tomorrow for this if it might speed things along :)

Nope, everyone is still pretty much on a holiday :) Let me know what the support folks say.