Expired certificate for Hybrid Agent connection verification script

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When running verification script from this page

it fails.

Probably because certificate at is expired.

Anyone know how to notice those responsible?


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@serol62 are you still facing this issue? It shouldn't be the certificate because it runs on port 8080:
$appProxyEndpoints = @(
[pscustomobject]@{uri = ''; port= '8080' },

@Dominik Hoefling Here you can see the error. It is when script do GET command on port 8080



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@serol62 Thanks. The best way might be to open a support request within your tenant and inform Microsoft about the problem.

@Dominik Hoefling Thanks, Microsoft confirmed error on their side. Responded quickly after I opened case via tenant. 

@serol62 We're having the same issue with the cert having expired since 13-Mar-20!!

Do you still have the problem? Did Microsoft support tell you when it will be fixed?


@Franck Silvestre sorry, no timeline from Microsoft.

@serol62 The certificate is still not renewed. Any recent feedback from MS?

@magriii There was a posting on Github 3 days ago that stated: "this test is deprecated and the script will be updated in the next build release


See posting: