EXO/OWA - Folders can not be loaded in new Outlook and Outlook web app

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Hello everyone,

I have a difficult problem with our M365 tenant.


Two Microsoft tickets have already been opened and processed, but unfortunately without success.


Maybe someone can help us here.


We have a new M365 tenant - No Hybird on Exchange only on the on prem AD. Directory Connector is running.


Since the beginning we get the error in the screenshot in Outlook for Web and the new Outlook desktop app. In the old Outlook desktop app the error is not coming up.


Does anyone know this annoying error and how to fix it?




2024-03-25 14_39_56-Gruppen  – Outlook and 3 more pages - Work 6 - Microsoft​ Edge.png

2024-03-23 11_46_04-Gruppen – Outlook and 5 more pages - Work 6 - Microsoft​ Edge.png

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Could you view Email address that issue to mailbox?

Maybe same Email address another account.




Email address is it@ and it is not set to any other Account. 

It is unique. 


We have the same problem also with brand new M365 groups and absolut unique email address.