Exclude some folders (calendar, notes, tasks) from Default Retention Tag (move to Archive)

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is there any way to exclude some folders like calendar, notes and tasks from the Default Retention Tag, that moves items older than the specified time to the Online Archive? I have a retention policy in place, that moves all items older than 6 months to the Online Archive. I would like to exclude the calendar from it or increase the age limit for the calendar, notes and tasks.


I cannot create a retention tag for specific folders with the action "Move to Archive". I could only create a Personal Tag with the action "Move to Archive", but I'm not able to apply it to the folders because it's not possible to change the Online Archive Policy for the calendar, notes or tasks.


Do you know if there is any solution for this or if Microsoft is working on something to exclude some folders from the default Retention Tag?


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It's not possible to apply a personal tag to Calendar via the client, but it is possible to do so programmatically via the EWS API. There's a sample script here: