Exchnage Email Address Policies in Exchange Online


In Exchange on prem we can set an Email Address Policy to create email aliases for new users to include email addresses using various and multiple name and domain combinations by default.  Is this possible in Exchange Online or does each alias need to be created individually once the user has been created?

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Email Address policies are available in Exchange Online, but you can only use them against Modern Group object, so they are pretty useless. PowerShell scripts are the usual workaround.

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Thanks - I thought we'd end up with a PowerShell solution but, wanted to confirm as my delegates were convinced I must be wrong. Am I correct in assuming that PowerShell is used to add the required email aliases after the user's has been created?

You can also specify it upon creation, but generally speaking that depends on the mailbox type, how exactly you are creating it, how are you managing identities, etc.

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E-mail address policy is not helpful in exchange online. Powershell script is useful as Vasil said.




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Please review the link below

Assign an address book policy to users in Exchange Online