Exchange servers BSOD after E2019 CU11 and E2016 CU22

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Since applying CU11 to Exchange 2019 servers and CU22 to E2016 servers several of them are BSOD rebooting caused by ActiveMonitoring, Identity: ServiceHealthActiveManagerForceReboot. Event ID 9009 (a Warning only). No real clues anywhere why.

2 x E2019 (on Windows Server 2019) in one DAG, 2 x E2016 (on Windows Server 2021R2) in another DAG. Part way through Hybrid migration to O365. All serve

All running as VMs on Nutanix AHV.

Seems some sort of Throttling is active, but cannot identify or quantify. Plenty of resources for all VMs.

Anyone else having these BSOD?




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