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Hello guys,


We are have 2 Exchange 2016 servers in DAG mode

We tried exchange powershell script on the active server to perform health check tasks


Script we run

get-serverhealth -server XX-XX-exchXX-XX


After the server rebooted, it had different unhealthy items, and some items maybe flapping between healthy and unhealthy. However the Exchange servers were performing fine in terms of sending and receiving emails from user sides.


Afterwards, it had stable states while the following items are reported unhealthy constantly for 5 days


Line 70: XX-XX-exchXX-XX Online RWSProxyTestMonitor MSExchangeReporti... RWS.Proxy Unhealthy RwsProxy
Line 74: XX-XX-exchXX-XX Online ActiveSyncProxyTe... MSExchangeSyncApp... ActiveSync.P... Unhealthy ActiveS...
Line 150: XX-XX-exchXX-XX NotApplicable ServerOneCopyMonitor XX-XX-EXCHXX-XX DataProtection Unhealthy None
Line 151: XX-XX-exchXX-XX NotApplicable SearchCopyStatusH... MailboxXX-XX Search Unhealthy None
Line 165: XX-XX-exchXX-XX NotApplicable ComplianceOutlook... Compliance Unhealthy None
Line 215: XX-XX-exchXX-XX NotApplicable StorageLogicalDri... MAILBOXXX-XX MailboxSpace Unhealthy None
Line 267: XX-XX-exchXX-XX NotApplicable OutlookMapiHttpCt... OutlookMapiHttp Unhealthy None
Line 330: XX-XX-exchXX-XX NotApplicable ActiveSyncCTPMonitor ActiveSync ActiveSync Unhealthy None
Line 331: XX-XX-exchXX-XX Online OutlookMapiHttpPr... MSExchangeMapiFro... OutlookMapiH... Unhealthy MapiProxy
Line 336: XX-XX-exchXX-XX Online ECPProxyTestMonitor MSExchangeECPAppPool ECP.Proxy Unhealthy EcpProxy
Line 353: XX-XX-exchXX-XX NotApplicable StoreCustomerExpe... MailboxXX-XX Store Unhealthy None
Line 445: XX-XX-exchXX-XX Online OABProxyTestMonitor MSExchangeOABAppPool OAB.Proxy Unhealthy OabProxy
Line 552: XX-XX-exchXX-XX NotApplicable ActiveSyncDeepTes... ActiveSync ActiveSync.P... Unhealthy None
Line 651: XX-XX-exchXX-XX NotApplicable ActiveSyncSelfTes... MSExchangeSyncApp... ActiveSync.P... Unhealthy None
Line 673: XX-XX-exchXX-XX NotApplicable OutlookRpcCtpMonitor Outlook Unhealthy None
Line 778: XX-XX-exchXX-XX NotApplicable OwaSelfTestMonitor OWA.Protocol Unhealthy None
Line 873: XX-XX-exchXX-XX NotApplicable RpsDeepTestPSProx... RPS Unhealthy None
Line 889: XX-XX-exchXX-XX Online OWAProxyTestMonitor MSExchangeOWAAppPool OWA.Proxy Unhealthy OwaProxy
Line 903: XX-XX-exchXX-XX Online EWSProxyTestMonitor MSExchangeService... EWS.Proxy Unhealthy EwsProxy
Line 969: XX-XX-exchXX-XX Online AutodiscoverProxy... MSExchangeAutodis... Autodiscover... Unhealthy AutoDis...
Line 976: XX-XX-exchXX-XX NotApplicable ComplianceOutlook... Compliance Unhealthy None
Line 1013: XX-XX-exchXX-XX NotApplicable OwaDeepTestMonitor OWA.Protocol Unhealthy None
Line 1167: XX-XX-exchXX-XX Online OutlookProxyTestM... MSExchangeRpcProx... Outlook.Proxy Unhealthy RpcProxy
Line 1231: XX-XX-exchXX-XX Online OWACalendarProxyT... MSExchangeOWACale... OWACalendar.... Unhealthy OwaProxy
Line 1239: XX-XX-exchXX-XX NotApplicable ActiveDatabaseAva... MailboxXX-XX Store Unhealthy None
Line 1261: XX-XX-exchXX-XX NotApplicable OutlookMapiHttpSe... OutlookMapiH... Unhealthy None
Line 1282: XX-XX-exchXX-XX NotApplicable DirectoryServiceA... MailboxXX-XX Store Unhealthy None
Line 1317: XX-XX-exchXX-XX NotApplicable EacBackEndPingMon... ECP Unhealthy None
Line 1434: XX-XX-exchXX-XX NotApplicable StoreOnlineIntegr... MailboxXX-XX Store Unhealthy None
Line 1445: XX-XX-exchXX-XX NotApplicable StoreMaintenanceA... MailboxXX-XX Store Unhealthy None
Line 1470: XX-XX-exchXX-XX NotApplicable StoreUrgentMainte... MailboxXX-XX Store Unhealthy None
Line 1527: XX-XX-exchXX-XX NotApplicable EacBackEndLogonMo... ECP Unhealthy None
Line 1632: XX-XX-exchXX-XX NotApplicable OutlookMapiHttpDe... OutlookMapiH... Unhealthy None
Line 1698: XX-XX-exchXX-XX NotApplicable PhysicalDatabaseM... MailboxXX-XX Store Unhealthy None
Line 1782: XX-XX-exchXX-XX NotApplicable DatabaseSizeMonitor MailboxXX-XX MailboxSpace Unhealthy None
Line 1800: XX-XX-exchXX-XX NotApplicable RestDeepTestMonitor MSExchangeRestApp... Rest.Protocol Unhealthy None
Line 1832: XX-XX-exchXX-XX Online RPSProxyTestMonitor MSExchangePowerSh... RPS.Proxy Unhealthy RpsProxy
Line 1856: XX-XX-exchXX-XX NotApplicable NetworkAdapterRss... Network Unhealthy None
Line 1910: XX-XX-exchXX-XX NotApplicable StoreScheduledInt... MailboxXX-XX Store Unhealthy None


We would like ask for help from Exchange experts for the following questions


1. Why some monitoring items will be flapping at reboot?

2. There are 39 unhealthy items, shall we be worried about them?

3. From the description, the cmdlet returns health values that you can use to determine the state of the server. Are we using the right script to monitor it or any other powershell cmdlet to determine the running status of the exchange server


Thank you so much in advance


Regards CUGURU

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