Exchange Server Duplicated Calender Events Problem

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I use Microsoft Exchange Server Version 15.1 ‎(Build 2375.7)‎


The problem is when a user creates an event via Outlook Web or Outlook Desktop App, the event appears on calender and whom invited to the event can see on their calenders.


But if a user creates an event via Outlook MOBILE app (Android or iOS), the event appears on calender but duplicated. Same event, same info and same invited user but 2 events. Only difference is at one of them we can see user's profile picture and name, but other one we can see only name and email address.


It looks like some kind of GHOST account.


Also we have this problem on an application which uses Exchange ASMX service to manage users calenders.


So, when creating via web or desktop application no problem but mobile or 3rd party app events are duplicated on calenders.


What can cause to this problem? Any solutions?

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