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Hello Team,


In my company, all the users heavily rely on OWA to access emails and they want an a desktop notification or alert when there is a new email. I was just browsing on how email works or what exactly happens when there is a new email in outbox. I already got my in-house app developer team to write some similar code using EWS and it runs every 2 minutes and scans every new email and shows the alert on the sharepoint web page. I felt this is cumbersome & causing heavy load on my server because to scan all 4000 or more mailboxes is an intensive process.


Just then I came across the threads and was happy thinking that since we migrated from Ex2016 to Ex2019, we can enable Notifications. I'm not not to see that option when I open a user mailbox on Ex2019 and look for under Options.


If anyone has deployed this, please share the steps or pointer.

 our setup description: Since we have only on-Premise Exchange Server 2019 with no internet connectivity to outside world, can we setup Push Notifications for user. 



I don't see the option they are discussing in the below URL.



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