Exchange Server 2019 mailbox error

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On Exchange 2019 when I login to my mailbox. When I try to open any email I get this error:



Then after i get this error:



I have tried a new throttling policy with the OwaMaxConcurrently. I have just uploaded a new SSL a couple of days ago so don't know if this is the issue?

Any help would be much appreciated.

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You can try to add more users session inside the MS Exchange IS registry key.

By default Microsoft Exchange limits the number of sessions a user can have open to 32.

@Thierry Chapuisat I cannot find MsExchangeIS in Windows server 2019 I don't know if this is different because the article is for Exchange 2016 where as I'm using 19?



The MsExchangeIS is in this key : Computer\HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\MSExchangeIS
Maybe you don't install the Mailboxes Exchange Roles during the installation.
You have to check the setting on the server where you have your mailbox
According to this it is done during installation:

It seems to be only doing it on one computer. I have tried clearing cookies and history and also using a different browser on that machine but the issue still persists. I'm never logged in more than 1 machine at the time.