exchange server 2019 from cu9 to cu11

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I updated exchange server 2019 from cu9 to cu11.. without any issues except 3 files corrupted in:
C:\Program Files\Microsoft\Exchange Server\V15\FrontEnd\HttpProxy\oab


can anyone help me with these files? just copy these files from this path in your exchange 2019 cu11 and send me.. i read that it works.
pls comment if u have exch2019 cu11.


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How did you find out that the files are corrupted?

If they truly are, you can try several things:
1. Run Updatecas.ps1 and updateconfigfiles.ps1
2. To copy the content of those files into a new notepad, and then save it as a normal file
3. Copy healthy files form a working server to this one and update the server names and directories if needed.
thank you for your reply!

I found out the files are corrupted as I was getting an error from the event viewer for oab pointing to this location C:\Program Files\Microsoft\Exchange Server\V15\FrontEnd\HttpProxy\oab;
after searching i found out web.config was only 1 kb and it had only few lines, actually it should be 6 kb and more lines.

can you please tell me:

1. what exactly happens if i run updatecas.ps1 and updateconfigfiles.ps1?
will it recreate oab virtual directories??

2. copy content of the existing files?

3. i have only one node, i do not have another healthy server, if you have these files can you send me those?

thank you
1. No the step will recreate the config files themselves. You can recreate the virtual directories by running Get-OABVirtualDirectory -Server "affected server" | Remove-OabVirtualDirectory, followed by New-OABVirtualDirectoy. I would first do a Get-OABVirtualDirectory -Server "affected server" | fl to have the config so I can set it up again as it was.

2. Yes, just open the web.config with notepad and copy it to e new file and then save it as a .config file.

3. Sorry, not keeping my labs up to date, and I don't have an active lab for 2019 currently.