Exchange Security Groups missed on organization units

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Goodmorning everyone,

I have implemented a coexistence between an Exchange 2010 and an Exchange 2016.

In doing the move on the DB of 2016 I have an error extended on several users related to the homeMDB permissions

Error: MigrationPermanentException: Active Directory 'homeMDB' property is not writable to recipient

The prepareAD did not give me any errors during the installation phase of Exchange 2016
I have checked the versions from ADSI and they are all up to date.

The Exchange Security groups all exist, also because an Exchange 2010 is already present in the environment

However, I realized that they are not present in the OU and user security

Some users, I was able to move them, as they had the correct ACLs and did not have active inheritance

By adding Exchange Trusted Subsystem, on individual user objects, I am able to make the move

I wanted to restore the permissions upstream, to act in propagation on everyone

Would it be enough to re-run Setup / PrepareAD?

Are there other solutions to be adopted?

Thank you

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I have an Exchange 2013 server One server config and THE OAB will not download any troubleshooting tips would be helpful.