exchange "shared mailbox" using "send on behalf" permissions but use the shared mailbox as default

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OK, this has me stuffed if I can find a way around it that works easily, hopefully someone can shed some light.


The current situation:

  • We currently have imap email account (sales@) and 4 users access this account and can read and create emails directly into this account.
  • When the user (Say Jim) sends an email, that persons outlook is setup with account name "Jim (Sales)", so when the end customer receives the email it comes from "Jim (Sales)" with email sales@
  • This is easy for the manager to see who sent the emails as it shows different users in the sent mailbox.


Possible exchange solutions:

  1. We can create a single sales account and connect using imap and setup as before
    1. this allows emails to work fine, but doesn't allow for shared calendars and all the other benefits of O365 ... so not quite suitable, but currently best option
  2. We can create a shared account and use "Send on Behalf" permissions
    1. This works, however it relies on the users to select the correct from account and relying on users to always do a manual step is problematic at best.
    2. changing permissions to send-as, i can add only the shared mailbox, but then I don't get the name of the person sending the emails, only the account, such as "Sales", not "Jim (Sales) as required.
  3. We can create just one sales account and just add this to the 4 outlooks
    1. this doesn't allow for the manager to see the person who sent the emails
    2. but would allow for shared calendars and contacts.

surely we are not the first people to run across this problem when connecting to exchange from imap servers ... has anyone got suggestions ? have i missed something obvious ?

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Hi @JimDau,

If you are talking about Outlook for Windows, try to use these add-ins: