Exchange Powershell, end user spam related properties missing from Get-HostedContentFilterPolicy‎

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In EXO v1 & v3, below end user spam properties are missing from Get-HostedContentFilterPolicy output from march 3, 2023 even though we can set these properties through Set-HostedContentFilterPolicy. In set-hostedcontentfilterpolicy documentation also there is no information on deprecating these properties. Is it a bug from microsoft end or are these properties permanently removed. If its a bug please share the timelines to fix this. 
Missing properties:
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@RahulParshi I think these parameters in Hosted Content Filer policy are replaced by Quarantine policies.


Quarantine policies 



Thanks for replying @Rahul Kumaar.

No both are different and also in Quarantine policies EndUserSpamNotificationFrequencyInDays & EndUserSpamNotificationLanguage parameters are reserved for internal Microsoft use.