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Hello all! 


Need some assistance in understanding the "Store my Outlook Settings in the cloud". I've tried the google search and didn't find quite was I was looking for. 


I have had two users recently report odd issues in their Windows Outlook clients (Office365 Business). Two users reported outbound emails getting stuck in the outbox and the other also reported Sent emails not being sent to the Sent folder. After searching I found the configurations for these in the Outlook client but could nots save the settings. 


Cloud Save Setting: Outlook > File > Options > General > Cloud Storage Options

Sent Email Folder: Outlook > File > Options > Mail > Save Messages

Outbound emails Setting: Outlook > File > Options > Advanced > Send and Receive


Found a post saying to disable the Cloud Storage Options and then I was able to set them locally. 


My Question is, is there a method to review/update the Cloud Settings as an Admin. My guess it might be Exchange PowerShell only (doubt there is a UI for it). I can't explain why the change happened; but clearly something went wrong with the cloud settings user profile.  I would like to get ahead of this issue before more users are impacted. Mostly want to review the cloud settings for each user(s), and update the settings to standardize the deployments. 


If there is not a PowerShell get/update cmdlet what is the best way to update these settings? I'm afraid to re-enable the feature and wipe out the local configuration. 


In theory the cloud save seems like a good idea to standardize deployments, I would hate to disable it. That said, does anyone know a method to disable the feature for the organization?


Thank you


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