Exchange Online with Personal Archive On-Premises

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This is a three-part question but let's set the stage. Exchange 2013 in hybrid with O365.


1. Is it possible to have a mailbox moved into O365, but keep the Personal Archive homed on-premises?

2. If so, which retention rules take precedence (I assume O365 set ones would)?

3. Would an E1 license suffice, or would we need some separate Exchange CAL to cover the on-premises archive mailbox?


Thanks in advance!

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Hi Jason,


The only supported archive split scenario is a primary mailbox on-premises and an archive mailbox in Exchange Online.


Please read this article


Thank you, that puts things in black and white -- and in an awkward position.

Hi Jason,


This has been like this since Exchange 2010 with Office 365 in Exchange 2010 and not have been changed.



Why you need Archive On-Premises if you have a lot of Gb's in Office 365 ?

Restrictions where existing data cannot be migrated, but no such restrictions on new content. May need to look into a third-party solution in such case.

Ok, many thanks for the feedback about the reason.


You can have a workaround for your restriction. Create separate mailboxes and give permission to the user.


In that case you could need more licenses, but keep all data in Exchange environment.