Exchange Online Retention Policy - Benchmark Request

Nicolas Maurel
Occasional Contributor

Dear Exchange professionals,

I need some help to understanding how are other companies doing in regards to email retention configuration.

It would be fantastic if you could share with me how you've decided to configure your end by answering the following questions

  • Do you use Exchange Online or are you using an on-premises implementation?
  • Do you have a retention policy enforcing emails to be deleted after a certain period of time? If yes, how long?
  • Are you using personal tags? what it the retention assigned to those?
  • Are you using the Online Archive? Do you have an archiving policy to automatically move messages to it?
  • (Optional) What is your company name?

If you don't feel comfortable sharing this information on this platform but you'd still be ok sharing that with me, please send me a private messages.


Thanks a lot in advance.

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Hi Nicolas,


This theme is different from company to company, country, regulations, internal politics, etc.


I have seen different scenarios in different areas.


We have customers that are using both Exchange, or Hybrid.

Some have their retention policies in Backup's, some built-in in Exchange, the time it depends the size and the area that they are working.

Some are only on Office 365, some have using Exchange Hybrid with Online Archive on Office 365.


It always depends on of those scenarios and many more.

I understand all that. Thus my question. Thanks

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