Exchange Online powershell - Parameters stop working

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We have used Exchange powershell to configure Office 365 Defender for more than a year now. Lately, parameters have several times stopped working. 


This morning, our scripts started failing again when they run the command News-SafeLinksPolicy. The error message: "A parameter cannot be found that matches parameter name 'isenabled'"


That parameter has been used all the time, and the documentation says that it is still there, but when I type the command and go through tab-completion, it is gone ....


Is this a temporary error, or is Microsoft changing the syntax and behaviour of the powershell-commands without telling us or updating their documentation?


Input appreciated :)

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Looking at the cmdlet definition, the parameter is no longer listed. Although it is listed when you look at the ManagementRoleEntry object... go figure. I suppose MS removed it for some reason.
That parameter no longer exists in the cmdlet definition.