Exchange Online + Outlook - latest new mailboxes: add them in meeting request; room disappears?

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Situation: hybrid, local 2013 CU22 on-prem. Outlook 2016 Professional Plus
Also confirmed on other workstations with Outlook 2010 and 2013


We're facing a weird issue. When we add users we created recently in a meeting request, the rooms actually just disappear as soon as you click in any other field after adding them as a recipient. Or basically: whenever the email address gets resolved. This problem does not seem to occur with older users NOR someone we added this week.


I've gone over the procedure with my colleague, he seems to have done it correctly. Anyone else facing similar issues or know how to troubleshoot this?


We've looked at email, proxyAddresses and targetAddress in AD, autocomplete in Outlook, hovering over them shows regular availability info...

Strangely enough: if I create the meeting request on the web, it's fine. If I then open this online-created meeting request in Outlook, it's fine. If I then copy all recipients + room and create a new meeting request, it's bugged again.


Update: tried it at home too. Different machine, not in the domain - works perfectly on Office 2019 at home.

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