Exchange Online migration: how to export skipped items details?

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Hi all,


We performed a migration to Exchange Online and we have some mailboxes with the status "Investigate".


I can see the messages that haven't been migrated in the details of each mailbox.

I can see the date, subject, kind, scocring classification and folder name for each message.


I would like to export this information in a txt or better a CSV file.

Do you have hints to how to proceed?


I tried the Get- MigrationUser and Get-MigrationUserStatistics cmdlets without success.


Thanks for your help guys.




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I think I've found what I was looking for:

Get-MigrationUserStatistics -Identity email address removed for privacy reasons -IncludeSkippedItems | Select-Object -ExpandProperty SkippedItems | Format-List DateReceived, Subject, FolderName