Exchange Online (hybrid) permissions

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When in hybrid Exchange and syncing on-prem AD (mail enabled) groups to O365.
What is best approach to set Send As permissions on a Shared Mailbox in Exchange Online these days?
Can the Send As permissions given to the synced group and if i add a new user to the synced group and sync the change to O365 , will the new user get the Send As permission?
A 1+ year ago this did work for the initial grouo members but when a new user was added to the group it did not receive the permission.
So then the advice to give the permission to the individual users instead of the group.
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Cross-premises Send As permissions are generally not supported, as detailed here:


They will work in some scenarios, but if you want proper experience, you should have all objects on the same side.

Hello Vasil, hmmm that was not my question. My question is. Should I give a group, send as permissions or should I give each individual user in the grouo send as permissions on a shared mailbox (if every mailbox is in O365) ?