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 Recently I have noticed, in my Exchange Admin portal there is one feature added of "High Volume Email" under Mail flow tab where upto 20 account can be added and send high volume emails which i have added in below screenshot.


As Microsoft Exchange online limits has 10,000 per day. I am curious to know limits of sending emails through these features of High Volume Email. 

If Microsoft Has published any articles or docs relating below features please let us know.




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Hm, not sure if this is public yet, so I'll defer to @Scott Schnoll :)

I also noticed this feature yesterday but it is no longer visible in the Exchange portal today. Could anyone provide more information about this feature? I couldn’t find anything about it from Microsoft. I believe this feature could be handy for many companies

Oops! Nothing to see here...yet. :)
I think this is not public yet. This feature disappears from my portal too.
Hope this feature will be coming soon.
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This is going to help in so many ways.
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