Exchange Online - hide membership for Distribution Group


It works for AD (hideDLmembership) and unified groups/Office365 groups on cloud (HiddenGroupMembershipEnabled), but didn't find how to do that for traditional DG for Exchange Online. Is it any way to do that?

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You might be able to work around the inability to stop the expansion of a group.   I tried the following in my Exchange Online lab tenant:

  1. I created a distribution group called dgHide, added members and selected the checkbox to hide the group from address lists.
  2. I then created a distribution group called dgUnHide. The only member I added to it was dgHide.
  3. Email sent to dgUnHide was delivered to the members of dgHide.
  4. When I opened the email in Outlook clicking the + beside dgUnHide yielded an error message. Trying to view its properties and check the membership told me there were no members.





@Chris Pollitt 

Chris, thank you. Four years after I implemented this. Better later than never.

Not sure if another technique exists now, at least I didn't find.