Exchange Online Disables New Inbound Connectors (for new tenants)



Exchange Online will create a new inbound connector but won’t activate it until the tenant gives a business justification to Microsoft Support. The restriction applies only to tenants created after January 1, 2023. Microsoft isn’t saying why they implemented the restriction, but it’s likely because of a security concern. In any case, the deafening silence from Microsoft has left ISVs that depend on inbound connectors in a very bad place.

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I've ran in this problem 3 days ago. Now i just need to wait for the support which forced me to do 2 hours troubleshooting and then never reached out back to me since 3 days..

And this happend during an Exchange Hybrid Migration of a customer. Since 3 days they can't sign Mails and cant read them. Its really annoying :(
Microsoft is rolling out a fix for the issue that will allow authorized ISVs to create inbound connectors without support involvement. Unhappily, because it's a security issue, others who want to create an inbound connector will still have to go down the support route for now.
It's pretty incredible to implement such an intrusive gate with effectively no notice and no real process for resolution. I've had a ticket open for 2 weeks trying to get this resolved and to be asked to "justify" the use case is also a bit maddening. Looking forward to getting past this.