Exchange online calendar visibility based on group membership

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Hi there

I'm doing some discovery work on around Exchange online and looking at resource calendars for room booking.  I've set up some rooms and want to restrict access to who can book them.  I've set up some groups and assigned them to the rooms and if a user tries to book a room which they don't have access to, its declined.

However, these rules still show up on Rooms finder.  Ideally I'd want to hide rooms which the user can't book from the room - is this possible?

If this is possible, does this also extend to using the Graph API?  I am looking to integrate Exchange Online with our booking tool and again only want users to be able to see the rooms which they have access to book.  


Any help would be appreciated!


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No, those are "server side" controls and Outlook has no knowledge of them. It's also not possible to manage them via the Graph API, as it still has zero support for Exchange admin operations. PowerShell is your only option.

@VasilMichev Thank you for replying.

So just so I'm clear, if calendars are set up so only certain users can book them (using groups), programatically there is no way to find out if the current user is allowed to book it?