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My company is in the medical field and needs to backup all corporate email.  I know Microsoft has their own backup process but it's for disaster recovery purposes.  Our backup's are for auditing purposes.  Our corporate email size is about 4.8 TB and we use Veeam to backup the emails, but it's very expensive.  Does MS Azure have a backup solution for Online Exchange we can utilize.  We will not be accessing the backup.  We may only access it for auditing purposes which is rare and seldom in between.  What do other organizations do for this?

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Hi @rpenalosa 

Microsoft has anounced a Backup Solution with Syntex at Ignite 2022. Don't know if that is already available


If it's just for Compliance you might consider native Retention Policies on Exchange (or the whole M365 Plattform) or look for a 3rd Party Service like this




Hi @rpenalosa
take a look at I was using it a lot, it should have all what you need.