Exchange Online: Apply retention policy after X days?




does anybody know if it's possible to apply a retention policy to Exchange Online e-mails say 30 days after their initial creation? I couldn't find an option resembling this, neither in nor the new portal


Can this be done via PowerShell?


Thanks for your input.

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What exactly are you trying to achieve here, what's the business scenario? Generally speaking, tags/labels are applied as the items land in a given folder, and are based on the item creation (received) date. For example, if you have an Inbox (or default) tag of "30 days move to archive", items will be stamped as they are received, and after 30 days passed will be moved to the archive.



@Vasil Michev, after more contemplation I must say that there's really no business scenario that would logically justify having to have a police become effective after a certain period of time. We should be able to accomodate our requirements by standard procedures. Thanks.