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So looking for some advice ..hopefuly I have posted in the right group.

I am a Support Analsyst and we have a user who is saying she can't accept meetings on a room (Resource Mailbox).  She has full permissions on the mailbox.    When someone sends her a room booking she gets this error/noficiation:  ( I am sure we are using Exchange Online  so I don't know why it says Exchange 2016).  I have since tried to give my self full access to the resource but I get the same  error/notication.  What does it mean and why can't we accept meetings.


This out-of-policy resource request was forwarded to you for your approval.

This request was forwarded to you for approval because the organizer doesn't have permission to book this resource.


Sent by Microsoft Exchange Server 2016

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Full access doesn't give you permissions to process meeting requests, You need to add yourself as resource delegate:

Set-CalendarProcessing Roomname -ResourceDelegates userA,userB,userC
Hi Vasil, I didn't explain this very well but I am already a room delegate. Within Exchange online I went to the resource > Manage Delegates > and I have Full access, Send on Behalf

I am actually thinking this is a non issue, as when I go into automatic processing and check the setings. It is set to Auto accept meeting requests. I think the user was expecting to approve bookings manually.

I am not sure how auto-accept meeting requests works but I will Google it. I assume it will just assume it will notify the booking delegate when a booking has been made.