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Hey everyone --


In my environment we are running Exchange Hybrid - only for management.  All of our mailboxes live in O365.  We are running AADConnect on prem for directory sync.


I have a user that was recently created - and their last name was initially spelled incorrectly.


We have gone back and fixed the spelling problem, however, in Exchange Online - the smtp (lowercase) attribute is still showing the misspelled name.  On Prem however, it is correct.  Shouldn't AADConnect take care of this?   Is there anyway that I can fix this manually?  I don't believe it is causing any problems - just an inconsistency that I am afraid somewhere down the line will get in the way of something.



Correct Spelling:  Eric Ryan, email is

On Prem: smtp is, SMTP is

In Cloud: smtp is, SMTP is





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Was the UPN / login name also incorrect and updated? If so you'll need to run a command in azuread side to update the login name!
Yes - UPN has been corrected. The only difference I can see is the smtp attribute

that should be based off the "alias" attribute on prem. The default policy I believe is based off that attribute like it was for onprem. So go check your alias.
I think it's mailnickname is the actual attribute in AD.
mailnickname = eryan -- so that is correct.

I guess I am still stuck on why AADConnect doesn't push the on-prem values to the cloud resolving the conflict?
We used to have this issue before sometimes. I would have to change another value to force it to update as sometimes the delta wouldn't pickup change on certain values, I just can't remember which one we would change to force it to update then change it back, maybe just try changing or adding in another alias to the e-mail address and see.
I just ran a Start-ADSyncSyncCycle -PolicyType Initial -- and also -- went into Sync Services and ran the Full Sync profile. Still seeing the misspelled in the cloud under the proxyAddress attribute.

Yeah, that address isn't actually synced up, it's generated from something and exists on o365 side only, i have this exact problem currently on my test domain so I'll see if I can figure it out and get back to ya ;).

@Chris -

Were you ever able to figure out what is going on here?

Na, work has been slaying me lately. It's really not an issue that it's not the same, the alias really doesn't do anything and is cosmetic.