Exchange Mail Archive Syncing Problem

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We use Exchange mail.
Working with the. Ost file. I have a folder for example 1000 messages. 200 pieces of messages are going to the archive. 800 messages remain in the folder. However, the server still remains 1000 pieces. The number of mail does not match. Shouldn't the e-mails from the archive be deleted from the server? How do I solve this problem?

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First of all, are you talking about the Online Archive feature, or archiving to a PST file? Assuming it's the first, are you moving messages manually to the Online archive? It can take some time for Outlook to synchronize the changes, newer versions perform this operation in the background so it's not immediately reflected server-side. In any case, the properties dialog does not reflect the messages in the Archive mailbox, it's just he messages in your "main" mailbox.

I understood. Thank you for the answer. It's not Online. I'm archiving it to a Pst file. So how long is this time. I'm looking at 10 days after the archive. The number of mail on the server is the same. Never changed.

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I archived 8 hours ago. 8 hours have passed and the folders are not synchronized.

It stays that way. It doesn't never syncs. When a new mail arrives, the server mail count increases by one and the offline mail count increases by one.


Exporting to a PST file is a client-side operation, it doesn't affect the messages on the server side.

Thanks for reply.
I understood. There are many messages on the server. I don't want to erase the messages.
I want to archive it. How can I do that?